THE LEMON CAR LOT                                   


The Lemon Car Lot is
a space to park work that is ongoing, unfinished, dismissed,
or deemed unsatisfactory.


We are dedicated to artists, writers, musicians, and makers.

We believe early blooms, seeds,
and tiny rituals hold as much information as ripened fruit.

We see fluidity and possibility in shifting our relationships to failure.

We hold hope in the things that don’t work (in the eyes of marketers, politicians, institutions, jerks, and committees).

We love Lemons.
Let’s park them together.



1. yellow, oval citrus fruit with thick skin and fragrant, acidic juice.

2. the evergreen citrus tree that produces the fruit widely cultivated in warm climates.

3. a pale yellow color.

4. a person or thing, especially an automobile, regarded as unsatisfactory, disappointing or feeble.