THE LEMON CAR LOT                                   

The Vehicle Never Lands
Beth Gebresilasie

Analysis and Agitation

Rewinding memories for revision,

(bleary speeding backwards,)

like a landscape through a car window.

with gust quaking lashes.

The vehicle never lands,

looping a hoop, remembering.

The driver confirms the view,

        “Analysis betrays attachment,”

to scenic axioms of the past,

studying against erosion.

Sadness Buried In Novelty 

cracking veneers of porcelain

void borders of wear

dissolution distracts in beauty

like a minted cougar

discovering worth in objectification

replacing a wish unfulfilled

with sacrifice of being

staging the mechanics of conversation

the cougar contorts her face

surrendering to simple freedom

stillness for value

peered into presence

absence follows redaction

pensive pleading persuades

a quickening pulse

spit cum abuse

distorts into safety

trinity of honors

rewards for quality


Beth Gebresilasie is a soon to be self-ordained secular saint, a non-institutional divorcee, a writer, and artist. They are a student at Gallatin NYU studying Suffering anthropologically, philosophically, and through art history. They finish a journal every two months, therefore, writing is a way of thinking for them. Poetry is a new vocation, and they are trying to be a DJ with words.

Vindicate Me

ribbons of rivulets

wrap flesh clean

forgiveness through touch

pressure activates warmth

possession produces value

absolution for existing

a guilt inescapable

save for your attention

like the sole surviving balloon of a pack

the golden strand gripping a branch

emancipation exempting one

willfully bound.