THE LEMON CAR LOT                                   

︎  submissions 

The Lemon Car Lot aims to highlight individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and art-making practices. 

We accept submissions in all mediums. We believe all forms of making are valid. Interdiscplinary makers encouraged.

Please send your submission via email and include items below from our submisson checklist.

︎  e-mail

lemoncarlot @ gmail . com

︎ submission checklist

1. name
*& pronouns*

2. social media / website 
*linked, preferably*

3. bio
*for help*
  • write in third person
  • who are you?
  • what medium(s) do you work in?
  • how and/or why? 
  • do any spaces support your making?
  • add some ~flair~ baby

  • 4. the work!
    *sent in-email or via an accessible space*

    5. submission description
    *for help*
  • what are you sending us? 
  • how is it made? 
  • why did you make it?
  • conceptual frameworks?
  • form? content?
  • does it fit in with your typical work? 
  • was it rejected? is it unfinished?
  • how did you feel making it?
  • how do you feel now? 
  • why do you want to share it?
  • length encouraged! write your lil heart out.

  • ︎statement

    The Lemon Car Lot is a collaborative platform dedicated to communication, consent, and transparency.  We do not obtain ownership over any artworks once they are parked and published. Artists, writers, musicians, and makers maintain full agency over their work and representation. If selected for a web feature, artists will be notified in advance of being published.