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Eddy Leonel Aldana

Eddy Leonel Aldana is a Latinx artist originally from Germantown, Maryland and currently residing on the Jersey Shore. Using world history and personal memory byway of video, photographic, and alternative processes, his work examines his family’s place in the Guatemalan diaspora. This work also explores how colonialism and U.S. intervention have created a climate for displacement, emigration, and deportation. Through conversations with his mother and with himself, he frequently reflects on how these events have shaped and negatively affected his family along with generations of Latin American families.

In 2022, Eddy received his MFA in Studio Art from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and in 2017, he received his BFA from the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design at George Washington University. He continues to focus on these themes involving family and world history to further examine his place and existence in this cruel world while hoping things actually get better for everyone.

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